Alice In Casioland: The 2009 Archives

by Ino

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released December 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Ino Montevideo, Uruguay

Ino Guridi. Girl born in 1994. From Montevideo, Uruguay.
New proyect: Isla Panorama

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Track Name: Alice in Casioland - Rabbits Everywhere
I draw rainbows in my hand when the day's grey
Since I get down down
I draw rainbows in my hand when I feel sad sad
And I know nothing changes in fact
And I know there's not a difference
But my hands look my colorful now

I draw rainbows in my hands
And I hate going to crowded places so much
That I prefer staying at home in my computer
All night long
I don't know what time it is
I'll be drinking coffee on your doorstep

961 is the number
392 is the number as well
Oh fuck
Oh rabbits are everywhere
As well as indians
And Zoom books
And casiotones all over the place
It's my room, it's my room
Track Name: Alice in Casioland - Coca Cola
All this good looking thumbsuckers
Intelectual bloodsuckers
Help me to break myself a bit more
Evertime I think about melodies and blackholes
I hate you left that way
And you fucked you me up so bad

Holding a pile of books
Walking down the street
Only one block away from home
Is that the future at all?

I saw you once
And I cant forget you for once
I can't forget you even though I try so hard to not
To demonstrate all the things
I thought I felt
When we danced to MGMT in your livingroom

Coca cola bottles all pilled

And Im leaving
If you keep on treating me that way im leaving
Everything's off tempo and I dont care

123456 sheeps counting on my mind before I go to sleep
Track Name: Alice in Casioland - Three
You're fucking beautiful from the skin to the bone
It hurts so much I know you since 3 years ago
And 3 weeks only passed
Since the last time I've seen your face
I decided it's much better to not see you at all
I know
It's much better to not see your at all
I get so angry when i see that my voice doesn't changes
And that all the time i want to seem better nothing changes

You're fucking beautiful from the skin to the bone
You're fucking beautiful from the skin to the bone
Emotion ruins my tempo
But i've learned to get along with it, along with it
I've learned to get along with it
It hurts so much
Track Name: Alice in Casioland - Robot
I dont want to say like its okay for us to be friends
IM not saying its okay for us to be friends
Ive been through lots of crap
Throught lots of up and down like everyone else i guess so

are you ever gonna come home and say okay come down
you are never going to take me to the park to go watch something interesting
i must take like im not for my age
I mistake like im not for them
i must take
dont want to fit in but are these things are coming up lately I
I'm not going away now
I'm not going away now

Two years its lots of time
So don't be mistaken when I say that I would marry you
It's not okay to playup like that
You should've stoped it once that it started
You are upsetly inmature
And Im not
So you should take care
of this weak body that breaks
This whole body that breaks
and i dont know what's the next direction to take
Its late and im not in the mood to play
you said it well

you can go away with your woman i dont care
and play for something im not into
for me a kiss is just something else
for you is so much more than that
so if i grab your hand and say im falling please grab me
please grab me
it's okay

Its so easy to stay away
The hard part should be like there staying in and saying yes
It doesnt mean anything to me
And from two years know Ill be something i never expected i would
To be about
But she
And you grabed her instead of me, its no trouble, its no trouble

You can go off and do whatever you please you are old enough
to know that
But then don't come around asking what was of me
When you
What if my dream breaks down in front of you
I will go on as I always do
I will go and meet other people I like most and I won't give a fuck
So boy you lost your chance
Track Name: Alice in Casioland - Laugh
I hate the way that you cutyour hair
And the way you talk like to explain things over
And i dont give about all this guys that ive met
I think that you're
stupid oh i dont care
Im not in the mood to even stare
I think why all this
Im not in the mood to think oh why thisÇ
Im trying to pull out of this black hole i fell into
And i dont know how i will over all the things that i thought i felt
They would all happen
It was predictable to happen
I know i thought about it before
But i never

From all the memories that ive collected now
From all the tears i've drop
From all the people ive met around
From all the silly situations that ive faced
I know i should laugh about it

But im not in the mood to think like everything's okay now
And if people decide to do what they do i dont want to be a part of it
I know that i have made some mistakes as well
But who cares
Because ive never thought i would hurt anyone either
And why you stared so nice when i said i would join you on the corner
Track Name: Alice in Casioland - Redhaired Nerd
He stood there holding a pile of books
Those glasses no they don't look "cool"
Lisa crossed the hall taking hands with quarterback Tom
So he decided it was time to move on
And his mac-book helped to change his look
Surfing in the internet for a bunch of hours
To finally decide wich look was the more apropriate

Next day redhaired nerd showed up at school
Wearing leopard print tights and a pair of J.L Cook's
His black wayfarers made everyone forget
That redhaired guy was once a nerd
Track Name: You're An Asshole
All the special lights all the broken paths
all the things that I thought i knew
everything broke
until I meet him you know

I wish i could do things a lot better
than what I actually did today
I dont have to give a damn at boys
I dont know
Im messed up with this boys I meet

I wish that some better things happen
Some things happen
and they break easily as they were made
I know this wont last forever
everything, even the world turns apart each second
I cant stop it, I cant work it on
I cant stop it, I cant work it on
I cant fix it, i cant do my part
because or this stupid mess we made

Its not fair for you to ignore me and leave me for that blonde stupid girl
who's nose i dont particulary like
and the one before was such a stupid girl
she thought she was a cat and she layed under the seat
and she said "rawr i love your meat" she was a bitch, she vas a vegetarian stupid girl..

I have to tolerate some things I dont want to, come back
I got to stand some things, I dont want to come back
I have to tolerate some things that I dont want to, come back, come back
I have to tolerate some things that I dont want to, like you have my Warhol book
And I want it back, and I want it back, and I want it back, and I want it back
I want it back, i want it back..